“The design team has provided a fully flexible and reliable solution. I am extremely pleased .... how, through innovative engineering (they have) managed to overcome the limited spatial areas available.”
Alex Reyes, Technology Specialist, Telstra

Failure is not an option.

M&E services associated with data and communications infrastructure are, by their nature, critical and can make or break your project. And your business. That is why we have a specialist, technical group dedicated to this area, providing the necessary expertise to ensure your project runs with the utmost efficiency and resilience.

We have responded to this rapidly growing and ever evolving market. These projects need to adapt to the challenging demands of rising power consumption of IT devices, the rising demand for IT services and the need for business continuity. We understand the various constraints faced by clients, including power availability, power and carbon costs and regulations which means we can enable the delivery of greener, more efficient solutions and greater certainty for your business.