Queen Square Law Courts

Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Country: Australia

Client: Crown Projects

Architect: Group GSA & Hassell

Services Provided: ESD, Electrical, Hydraulic, Communications & Fire Engineering; Security; Specialist Lighting

The Queens Square Law Courts refurbishment project has involved the improvement of the building’s services, as well as the quality, amenity and efficiency of the internal spaces in the 27-storey tower. The objective has been to provide a solid foundation on which a proper maintenance program can be implemented to effectively prolong the building’s life span for the next 30 years.

The result showcases a suite of high-efficiency building features, all presented within a design framework of institutional dignity and legal authority. They take into consideration capital, energy, operational and maintenance costs, equipment life expectancy and reliability and ease of operation and maintenance.

The hydraulic services have been designed with water conservation and ESD in mind. These measures include providing localised electric hot water units with central solar hot water, gas boosters; the replacement of all water fixtures and fittings with five-star types; and the provision of new 6-star water efficient urinals.

The fire services have been upgraded to include all the latest fire technologies and meet the more stringent national and local building codes and requirements, while also integrating seamlessly with the architectural layout of the refurbished building.

In line with the sustainability agenda energy efficient light sources were predominantly specified and include occupancy detectors, time signals and a smart dimming system.