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Skyscraper Trends: Optimising Sites and Maximising Floor Plates

With highly prized land parcels in Melbourne's CBD becoming smaller and scarcer, how do you maximise their development values and are skyscrapers viable on these compact sites? As well as sites getting smaller, so are apartments. But do they need to? How do we maximise floorspace to improve returns without compromising design and comfort?

Incredible shifts are happening in technology and building practices; we have a new generation of technology pushing the limits of concrete and steel like never before. But for engineers to continue to lead, they must provide compelling answers to the question: ‘Can we take what you want, and give you more?’

For developers, it’s more sellable area. For architects, it’s more space with less structure. For builders, it’s increased speed of construction, while at the same time ensuring health and safety.

Writing for Urban Melbourne, Vincent Amato, Associate – Structures, explores how structural engineering can help different stakeholders achieve their goals.

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