“In Meinhardt we’ve found a partner that helped us design exciting yet highly functional spaces, a collaborator that was looking for practical solutions without compromising the architecture."
Igor Molitor, Associate Director, HBO+EMTB Architects

Current knowledge of construction materials and technology is an essential tool in the structural engineer’s kit. But clients tell us that they also place value effective communications, the ability to look holistically at a project  and a commitment to work in a team to achieve a defined outcome in a designated time; these they say are the hallmarks of a creative structural engineer.

We strive to deliver innovative, creative solutions that take into consideration all of your project’s performance parameters, such as cost and commercial viability, buildability and efficient use of construction resources, durability and functionality, long term operating flexibility and efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Our structural input includes detailed input into value management studies as well as life cycle and recurrent costing requirements.