Meinhardt is a multi-disciplinary engineering and professional technical services consulting firm. Formed in Australia in 1955, our Australian business operates throughout the country.

At Meinhardt we are committed to responsible quality management and value the wellbeing of those working for and on behalf of Meinhardt, our customers, the community and the environment in which we operate. We recognise that risk management is an integral part of good management practice and we are committed to establishing and continuously improving our integrated management system (IMS) in which risk management is embedded.

Meinhardt empowers employees to assume accountability and responsibility for the development and operation of the IMS in the workplace. This is achieved by creating and promoting a culture of participation and providing a robust process to monitor and review the effectiveness of IMS.

We provide education, training and consultation to employees and contractors to improve awareness and communicate our IMS policy to stakeholders. We work with our suppliers and contractors to ensure they comply with the standards expected of Meinhardt.

Meinhardt is committed to not only fulfilling our obligations, but ensuring continual improvement of the IMS by setting measurable objectives and targets and reviewing progress to measure the system.

We will achieve this by:

  • Complying with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and AS/NZS 4801, applicable legislation, regulations, building codes, Australian standards and other requirements to which the organisation subscribes;
  • Preventing pollution, protecting the environment and working in a manner that is sustainable;
  • Influencing clients, suppliers, employees and relevant stakeholders to seek sustainable alternatives;
  • Applying risk management strategies to the identification and control of workplace hazards, work practices and behaviors that could cause accidents, injuries or harm business reputation;
  • Preventing injury and illness to whom we owe a duty of care;
  • Supplying our customers with quality products and timely service conforming to their requirements; and
  • Anticipating future changes, assessing risks and taking measures to prevent or minimise risks.

We will maintain organisational excellence by reviewing and improving the system regularly.