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Skyscraper Trends Seminar: In Review

As part of our imagin8 seminar series, last week we brought together experts from different sections of the property and construction community to discuss the trends happening in tall building design with a particular focus on Melbourne where we have 3 skyscrapers currently under construction.

Melbourne has become a hotbed for tall building development. The Planning Minister has been dubbed ‘Mr Skyscraper” and there are currently 49 skyscraper developments proposed for the city. So what’s next?

  • Where are the hotspots for new towers?
  • What is the market looking for?
  • Engineering solutions to optimize floor areas and maximize returns
  • New ways of building – quicker, safer, more cost effective

From planning to construction, our speakers from Meinhardt, CBRE and Hickory shared their thinking and new ideas to help developers, architects and project managers deliver the next generation of skyscrapers and continue to shape Melbourne’s skyline.

Our media partners for the event were Urban Melbourne and you can read their first report on the event by clicking here.

You can also download the presentations by clicking here.

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