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The Meinhardt Centre of Excellence for Retail Fuel Launched

The retail fuel industry is changing. New asset owners are looking for new directions and new ideas that work. Ideas that will help them deliver to market quicker, safer and more cost-effectively.

The Meinhardt Centre of Excellence for Retail Fuel has been designed and launched to help deliver these ideas. Initially the focus will be on Australia. Subsequently it will be expanded to cover international markets.

“Australia has very particular market and geographic conditions,” said Peter Galvin, CEO of Meinhardt in Australia. “Issues from procurement practices to permit issuing provide their own unique challenges. Through engagement and collaboration with the entire supply chain the vision of the Centre of Excellence is to make complex retail fuel projects in Australia simpler and safer and help deliver the industry tangible benefits in terms of cost and time.”

As well as addressing safety, environmental, construction and cost issues, the Centre will explore new technologies, construction techniques and approaches to delivery and hopes to develop a set of qualifications and training standards to aid continuous improvement.

Meinhardt is inviting leading players from across the supply chain to get involved in a series of knowledge sharing sessions and seminars, the results of which will be made available to the rest of the industry through a variety of media.

For more details about the Centre of Excellence’s make-up, aims and objectives please click here: visit page