Datahall 2: The University of Melbourne

Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Country: Australia

Client: The University of Melbourne

Architect: FPPV

Services Provided: Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

“I would sincerely like to thank you for the outstanding electrical engineering design. Your attention to detail, unrelenting desire for quality design and clear and honest communication skills have been appreciated.”
Peter Sack, Director – Infrastructure Support & Maintenance
The University of Melbourne

The building services have been designed to solve a complex challenge and provide the University with a sufficiently redundant high density, IT Equipment facility which:

  • Supports Research High Performance and Super Computing Requirements
  • Rationalises IT equipment
  • Reduces running costs to operate IT equipment by reducing power consumption
  • Is scalable in a modular design to meet future UoM Data Centre capacity requirements

Specification of a rear-door heat exchanger with no moving parts, means it is less likely to fail.

It has enabled the client to save money and energy by virtue of lower power consumption.

Provision of Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (DRUPS) system, unusual for Australian facilities, provides critical, uninterrupted power to the Data Hall.

Close collaboration with partners/suppliers to create bespoke elements of design enabled a very tight 4 month construction programme to be met.