Every building is different. Although prescriptive building codes may seem restrictive, performance based fire engineering can allow flexibility in your design while maintaining fire safety.

Modern tall buildings can be significantly different from historical building stock, which form the basis of most building codes. Building codes around the world have prescribed requirements generally based on thresholds on building height, size and occupancy type. Tall buildings can significantly exceed these thresholds without significant additional safety requirements. Modern systems that serve buildings are however more reliable and have greater safe-guards than those found in older buildings. When used correctly modern active and passive fire protection systems can provide significant benefits in reducing the impact of a fire. The combination of good design, proper maintenance and an appropriately informed building population is critical in achieve a safe solution.

Every building is different. Clients need cost-effective solutions which allow them flexibility in their designs. Through a combination of risk assessments, fire & smoke spread modelling, evacuation modelling and human behaviour advice, tailored fire safety solutions can be developed which meet all kinds of permutations.

Whatever the final outcome, the solutions have to maximise building occupant safety; minimise risk; reduce capital expenditure; and reduce recurring operational costs.