Lift services typically utilise a major proportion of a building’s service core. With buildings becoming taller and construction costs increasing, it is increasingly important to minimise the number of lifts in a building while maintaining a high level of service.

Our long, track-record in the design of high-rise buildings and major developments, includes dynamic simulation modeling of alternative lifting solutions. This allows us to optimise and compare the various alternative options including:

  • Destination dispatch systems
  • Conventional controls
  • Up-peak boosted systems
  • Channeling systems
  • Double-deck destination dispatch systems
  • TWIN
  • Hybrid systems
  • Skylobby designs

What Are The Benefits To You?

The use of dynamic simulation allows Meinhardt to provide optimized lifting design solutions for all of our buildings. The overall benefits to you and your project often include:

  • Smaller lift cores
  • Larger floor plates
  • Capital cost savings
  • Ongoing maintenance cost savings
  • Taller buildings
  • Improved performance