Essendon Airport

Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Country: Australia

“Meinhardt provided detailed and quality advice on a range of environmental matters which contributes significantly to the efficiency and safe operation of the airport.” Graeme Ware, Operations Manager | Essendon Airport Pty Ltd

A working relationship spanning more than 10 years has established a culture of trust and helped in the creation of long-term strategic planning for the airport.

The site was once Melbourne’s international airport but now predominantly serves general aviation, corporate jet and emergency services. In 2001, Meinhardt assisted Essendon Airport Pty Ltd in securing a 99 year operational lease from the federal government and was subsequently appointed as environmental managers for the airport’s operations.

It is whole lifecycle thinking that made and continues to make the difference.

The client received due diligence advice during the bidding phase including financial liabilities assessment associated with environmental issues, which help analyse, predict and prepare for risks.

They were able to call on the aviation knowledge in our infrastructure team to assist with the preparation of Master Planning documentation for the federal government, which ultimately secured their operational lease.

We work alongside Essendon Airport to maintain compliance with the requirements of the federal government, as well as assisting in improving the environmental conditions at the site.
And they now benefit from ongoing strategic advice with regard to current and future airport development including preparation of environmental management plans, impacts of legislation and due diligence assessments ensuring the protection of their asset.