Horsham Framework for Managing Growth

Location: Horsham, Victoria

Country: Australia

Services Provided: Strategic Planning

Meinhardt prepared a framework to manage growth and change for the regional city of Horsham for the next 30 years. Horsham is largest town in the north-west of the state, and was experiencing pressure for growth and change. A strategic framework was required to identify priorities for growth and ensure that Council and the community were strategically positioned to determine Horsham’s future.

The project involved:

  • Detailed research and analysis of existing constraints and opportunities.
  • Analysis of emerging trends which influence the way in which Horsham will need to adapt in future.
  • Identification of key opportunities and challenges to growth.
  • Objectives and strategies relating to: Settlement and Housing; Infrastructure; Environment & Open Space; Economic Development and Employment; Access and Movement; Community Services and Facilities; and Sustainability
  • An overall Framework Plan to guide the future development of land in Horsham for the next 30 years.

Strategic directions and implementation actions relating to: Town Centre Revitalisation; Regeneration Areas; Growth and Containment Areas; Urban Renewal and Strategic Infill Sites; Transport Improvements, and Open Space Improvements.