Hume City Council: Environmental Management

Location: Victoria

Country: Australia

“The Meinhardt team has always provided us with a wealth of knowledge, experience and professionalism on the projects and services undertaken.” Alwyn Babb, City Waste Management Engineer | Hume City Council

A long-standing, ongoing working relationship has allowed active management of risk.

Central to the relationship has been the masterplan initiative for the former landfill site at Bolinda Road, Campbellfield to provide “Best Value” outcomes for the community.

The process investigated opportunities for improved resource recovery and waste management facility infrastructure for the site. It has been important commercially to identify and resolve development constraints.

Of particular note is the active landfill gas collection and energy generation infrastructure at the site. Parts of the landfill, due to age, were not lined and so management of leachate and reducing the risk of groundwater contamination have been key considerations for the client.

Engagement is important in this sensitive area. Facilitating a community consultation process has helped smooth the process for the client. A range of tools have been used to engage with stakeholders, including focus groups and workshops, meetings and discussions, notices in the local paper, mailouts and a public information session.