Port Pirie Library

Location: Port Pirie, South Australia

Country: Australia

Client: Port Pirie Regional Council

Architect: Kirkbride Boyce Architects

In a civic building, creating the best possible internal environment and experience for the public is essential.

By using computer modelling as early as possible we were able to validate and optimise the air conditioning design and integrate the system with the complex architectural characteristics of the building. It performs flawlessly in temperatures above 40°C.

The 1,200sqm community library, built by main contractor Tagara, is constructed over the longest single railway platform in Australia; an integral part of the town’s culture and heritage which was important to retain.

The air distribution system has been designed for low noise and high quality diffused air, to eliminate drafts and ensure good air circulation in both summer and winter. The grilles produce what’s known as a coanda effect forming rotational symmetrical radial jets which supply the air with high turbulence and a large induction effect.  The result is high quality, even and draft free indoor air