RACV Country Club

Location: Healesville, Victoria

Country: Australia

Client: RACV

Architect: SJB Architects

Services Provided: Mechanical, Electrical, Fire, Hydraulics, Communications & Fire Perfromance Engineering, Energy

The 15,000sqm resort facility includes accommodation units, restaurant, health recreation facilities and function areas, offered a unique opportunity to showcase practical applications of ESD principles.

The building services systems incorporate a wide array of sustainability features. On-site ornamental lakes are used as low grade heat source/heat sink for heating and cooling. The system also uses direct cooling from the lake during suitable temperature conditions via a by-pass arrangement.

Hydronic floor heating and cooling system provides well balanced temperature conditions supplemented by positive displacement ventilation system for appropriate fresh air supply and air change. Fully automated controls and monitoring ensure the optimum system performance under different operational conditions.

Solar boosters supplement the domestic hot water production. Perimeter lighting system with daylight compensation ensures the minimization of artificial lighting which works in tandem with motorised blinds to reduce direct sun penetration.

The lifecycle costs were $4,504 compared with $5,923 for traditional systems; annual energy consumption was 56kWh/m2 compared with 126kWh/m2; and C02 emissions were 577 tons compared with 873 tons.

“Meinhardt adopted inventive and market-leading techniques to ensure optimum user comfort, overall operational efficiency and significantly reduced energy costs.” Tony Battersby –  Director at SJB Architects