Shell Retail Fuel

Location: Nationwide

Country: Australia

“Building a key alliance with Meinhardt was critical to the team’s success. All in all, an outstanding delivery.” Andrew Smith, Vice President of Downstream Shell Retail

Meinhardt is responsible for the management of Shell’s Retail Capital Works Programme and Non-Routine Maintenance Programme for their entire Australian network of over 650 sites.

By integrating Meinhardt’s Programme Management team with Shell’s retail business, we achieved a cost saving in excess of 8% in the Capital Works Programme. This saving has been re-invested to enable additional works to be undertaken. Shell recognised Meinhardt’s performance with the Shell Chairman’s Award for Excellence.

Because we have the flexibility to create specific management systems to suit unique project requirements, this opens up opportunities for a win-win outcome. Integrating our Programme Management, Planning, Design and Facilities Management resources with Shell’s technical services provided value above and beyond their expectations.