Virgin Maintenance Facility

Location: Brisbane

Country: Australia

A collaborative approach with Virgin’s engineering, technical, security and administration staff enabled the development of a design brief from scratch, which successfully met the challenge of creating a flexible maintenance facility to suit the greatest possible functional diversity.

More than a box.

When Virgin wanted a new aircraft maintenance facility they came to Meinhardt for the right mix of Project Management expertise and technical know-how. They required a total project planning solution.

An aircraft maintenance facility is more than just a big shed. There is a network of complex support infrastructure residing just below the surface. The support infrastructure and geometry is customised to the aircraft type and workshops, stores and administration facilities are customised to the client’s workflows and business requirements.

A clear understanding of aircraft maintenance technology, Virgin’s workflows and aviation authority requirements was fundamental to the success of this project. Meinhardt brought all this together under a single efficient Project Management and Design structure.

Meinhardt has provided services for over a dozen major aircraft maintenance hangar projects worldwide.